A home designed as a tool to achieve your life's vision.

An AdioSphere is a home that is designed specifically according to your life's vision. The design of an AdioSphere does not start with the home. It starts with designing your mind. You will undergo an Adios training program to help you create or clarify a vision for your life, where you will learn the principles of creating a happy home and a life of purpose.

Based on your vision, your AdioSphere will be designed in a manner where each and everything in that home will have a purpose. Nothing will exist merely because it looks pretty. Everything is present because it helps you achieve your life's vision. Your AdioSphere talks to you, nudges you, reminds you and motivates you. It is not just a beautiful home made of concrete and glass that you live in. It is a living and breathing entity that acts as an active catalyst in achieving your life's vision.

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