Clarity and focus is what they are really missing.

Most of them don't need any therapy. They get influenced by the current environment that encourages restlessness and distraction. Let us fix the root cause.

The Employee Mental Health, Focus and Productivity program

Many employers believe that employee mental health is an area of concern and that many individuals are susceptible to mental health problems. That is incorrect. Barring a few individuals who might have crossed a certain threshold and require clinical intervention, most do not face any serious mental health problems. The problem they face is the lack of mental clarity. Here is the essence: The current external environment is noisy, distracting and unhealthy. People get influenced by this environment and make the wrong choices in their everyday life. These choices may feel good at that moment, but many of them eventually make them feel demotivated, sad, restless or distracted. They make these wrong choices due to lack of clarity. Apprehension about one’s job in a pandemic or otherwise can also be significantly reduced with clarity. Lack of clarity leads to wrong decisions, which leads to a less peaceful mind, a lack of focus, and low efficiency. Most of them don’t need therapy. They need clarity.

We do not have an employee mental health problem in the world. We have an employee mental clarity, peace and focus problem.

How does this affect my organisation?

Lack of mental clarity and reduced focus result in an output that is usually surface level. Deep insights or innovation can only emerge through deep thinking, and not by merely attending an innovation workshop. Deep thinking is possible only if one has a clear and peaceful mind that is not distracted.

Most of your employees are currently working at 15 or 20% of their real intellectual ability because they lack mental clarity and focus. Adding more of the same people would only increase the cost. You need to re-optimise the efficiency of the current employees so they can perform at 3 or 4 times their present capacity. This is without considering any upskilling and only using their existing skills and ability. If you spend your upskilling efforts on a 15% efficiency employee, it might just be water off a duck’s back. They may also be concerned about personal matters that might negatively affect their professional efficiency.

So what should we do?

We need to install a new operating system in our mind. It sounds like a lot but is not difficult at all. First, you understand the principles that create a clear, peaceful and a focused mind. Then you practice it for a few days, a little each day. At the end of it, you have a brand new mind. You are changing old patterns and creating new ones, so it needs a little time. About 8 hours over ten weeks will do the job.

If we feel a certain hollowness or restlessness within and try to put a lid on it by distracting ourselves with social media or going out with friends or certain sensory indulgences, that lid won't last very long. If you avoid the core issue, that uncomfortable feeling will continue to return. Listening to calming music or breathing exercises or therapy may provide temporary relief, but it is unlikely to cure the real problem.

Take the core issue head-on. It is not so complicated. Due to the current environment, you have started making personal choices that are not good for you. You need to change that. That's all there is to it—nothing more, nothing less. Spend the time and finish the matter once and for all. About a total of 8 hours of listening spread over ten weeks will get it done. Just 8 hours, and you would have reconfigured your mind to spend the remaining many, many, many years much more peacefully and productively.

How does the Adios program work?

Adios stands for A Dialogue In Objective Silence. It is a training system, a protocol, designed to achieve clarity of thought and peace of mind systematically and make your mind much more peaceful, efficient and focused. You understand a few practical principles about your mind, how your choices affect your efficiency and calmness and start to practice it immediately in your daily routine.

The primary tool the program uses is Contemplation - deep thinking. In a fast-paced world, this is what you tend to miss out on - you need to disconnect from the external, go inward, and contemplate. The program trains you to contemplate on matters that matter so you can use a foundation of healthy principles as the basis of your thinking. The keyword here is “train”. The program does not merely inform or guide you. It trains you to be a changed individual at the end of ten weeks.

AdiOS is a healthier operating system for the modern mind. This OS is installed through the Adios Core Level 1 program bit by bit over ten weeks. When you take the program, you spend about 30 to 45 minutes once a week on a weekly primary session that discusses one Adios principle for clarity of thought and you complete a short contemplation activity. Your weekly assignment is defined at the end of each weekly session. On the remaining six days, you listen to a 2-minute bedtime review session each day that ensures you are on track.

Adios Core Level 1 is a ten-week online program that the employees will take on the web or an Android phone. We encourage them to take it in a personal and confidential manner.

Why does the Adios program work?

1. Clear instructions

Everything is discussed in a clear and simple language that you speak in everyday life. No verbose philosophical terminology.

2. Precise instructions

You know exactly what you are supposed to focus on each week, with a daily bedtime review session as a reminder, so you are on track.

3. Limited instructions

And a lot of practice. You practice very slowly but steadily, a little each day, for a whole ten weeks. Till this becomes your default thinking mode.

4. Relevant instructions

You can relate to each and every one of them. The program speaks your language. All the instructions are extremely practical, and you start to use them in your daily life right from Day 2.

5. Repeated instructions

Till it becomes a habit. We learn by spaced repetition and by doing just a little each day. The ideas are presented gradually and repeated often so you can slowly master them by applying them multiple times during the program.

How does it benefit our organisation?

The employees go through the Adios program and achieve clarity of thought, significantly more focus and a peaceful mind. Please also note that their personal life is not really separate from their professional one. They are a complete package. If something is affecting them at a personal level, it will affect their work too. Holistically caring for them will also make you feel good about it. Most of those concerns are due to a lack of clarity of thought and the inability to find the right direction in life. The Adios program will train them to fix that on an ongoing basis. Once that is done, you have a much more efficient, energetic and committed team member.

How do we get started with the Adios program for our employees?

1. Write to us on with any questions you might have, and we will answer them. We will be glad to also have an online conversation if you would like.

2. Let us know the number of employees you want to distribute the program to, and we will let you know the pricing.

3. Please consider letting the employees pay you a small amount, say 10% or 20% of the fee, themselves. This will help them because this prepares their brain to go through the program in earnest. We understand your objective is to help them. Giving it away for free might sometimes sound like the right thing to do intuitively from a people strategy perspective, but it may not be if it does not help them.

4. Once you pay, we will enrol those employees into the program.

5. After the employees finish the program, we will refund an employee’s fee who feels it did not help them much. No questions asked. All we ask is that they should have finished listening to the entire ten-week program before the end of thirteen weeks.

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