Did I enjoy my work today or try to avoid it?

Should I change my job?

Should we have another child?

What school should they go to?

Is he the right guy for me?

Should we move in together?

Why do I feel I am inferior to others

Why do I feel something is missing in my life?

Why do I feel something is missing in my life?

Why do I feel something is missing in my life?

Why do I feel something is missing in my life?

Make Better Decisions and Live More Peacefully.

Learn 16 self reflection principles to think more clearly, make better decisions using your private decision making journal, and maintain your clarity and peace of mind through regular online group coaching.

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A Mental Wellbeing Framework that enables you to

  • Make Better Decisions

    Crucial financial decisions, life transition decisions, breakthrough creative decisions, important relationship decisions, should not be made till you have complete inner clarity, and a stable, peaceful state of mind. And your mind is not always your friend.
  • Manage Critical Life Transitions

    Make clear long-term decisions about your next move while considering the different choices you have in your situation, be it Retirement, Separation, Career change or any other significant life transition. Make the right decision without any future regrets.
  • Develop Superior Mental Strength

    Contemplation on the Adios principles helps you develop clarity of thought so you can make the right choices, and also gives you the mental conviction, strength and control to implement those choices in your life.
  • Create a Healthy Vision for your Future

    When you prioritize peace of mind, everything else falls into place. By being more thoughtful about what you do each day and why, and what impact it has on your peace of mind, you can create a healthier vision for your future.
  • Live a Fulfilling, Purposeful and Peaceful Life

    Your goal is to feel fulfilled and peaceful, whether at home or work or in other dimensions of your life. Working with your Vision Planner along with the Adios principles helps you create a life where you can maximize your potential and worldly success without compromising on your fulfilment, purpose and peace of mind.

How does it work?

  • Learn the principles through the audios on the Adios app.
  • Read the book Is Your Mind Your Friend? alongside.
  • Practice Contemplation for a few minutes each day on your own or with the help of a trained facilitator.
  • Attend online group Contemplation coaching sessions.
  • Resolve important life questions using the Adioscope.
  • Review your Vision Planner once a week.
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Read about the Adios wellbeing framework

Is Your Mind Your Friend?

By using the simple yet powerful principles and practicing Contemplation, you can develop clarity of thought and achieve peace of mind for the rest of your life.

Tarun Gulati, Founder

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For Individuals

Make better decisions in your personal and professional life, reduce stress, maximise your potential while living a purposeful life.

For Employees

Make better and faster decisions, fewer wrong decisions, inspire your team members and maximise your professional potential.

For Leaders

Deliver superior financial results, lead with conviction, articulate the strategic vision clearly and inspire people to achieve it, and find your unique voice to stay miles ahead of competition.

For Sports

Train your mind like you train your body. Rigorously.

What We Do

Clarity and Peace

We enable you to improve your clarity of thought and peace of mind through a regular habit of Contemplation so you can find answers to all your questions on your own, without depending on anyone else, for the rest of your life.

Employee Mental Fitness

Just because your employees are not mentally ill does not mean they are mentally well. We help your employees become more productive by removing mental noise from their routine. This helps them think more clearly, make sounder decisions and remain mentally fit without burning out.

Make Innovation Predictable

We enable your research team and scientists solve crucial problems by finding deep insights through Contemplation. We help you create innovation not by chance but in a systematic and repeatable manner, quarter on quarter.

We do not have a mental health problem in the world. We have a mental clarity problem.

Most people are not unwell. They are unclear.

Most people don't need therapy. They need clarity.

Tarun Gulati, Founder

Life before Adios

Have you faced any of the following situations that costed you your peace of mind?


  • Choose a wrong partner, sometimes more than once
  • Unnecessary arguments with your partner
  • Stress due to misalignment of priorities


  • Choose work that is not aligned with what will make you feel fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful
  • Unnecessary competitive behaviour at work
  • Wrong business strategy decisions


  • Not able to become the ideal parent
  • Your impatience and restlessness being passed on to your kids
  • Struggling to create or maintain an authentic bond with your kids


  • Lack of clarity in terms of your core purpose
  • A sense of uneasiness about how life is going even though things look good on the surface
  • Don't feel confident about making the right decision in every situation

Is Adios for me?

It is, if you identify with any of the following situations.

Find your Answers

You have a critical question relating to your relationship, work, kids or another important dimension in your life.

Peace of Mind

You have been feeling uneasy in general over the last few days and need a systematic method to help you find yourself to be at peace consistently without relying on anyone else.

Maximize your Potential

You feel your impatience and restlessness is limiting your true potential.

How will Adios help me?

Adios is a systematic method where you will learn the habit of Contemplation using specific Adios principles and will use that knowledge to make the right decisions in your daily life.

Learn the Adios principles

You will learn Adios principles that will systematically help you to create your own decision making framework so you make the decisions that are right for you on your own, without relying on anyone else, for the rest of your life.

Create a deeper connection with yourself

You will acquire a regular habit of Contemplation - deep thinking - which will help you build and maintain a strong connection with yourself so you always know what makes you more fulfilled, purposeful and peaceful.

Make the right decisions without relying on anyone else

You will use the Adioscope - your personal microscope for life - to make critical decisions in your personal and professional life on your own. No decision will feel daunting or intimidating because you will have your own customised system to make all your decisions yourself. You will train your inner counsellor so you never need to depend on an external one.

Guided Contemplations

Listen to multiple Guided Contemplations and Insights throughout the year to help you think more clearly with respect to your relationships, work, parenting and other important dimensions in your life.

Some Thoughts


You can listen to our perspective on mental wellbeing, purposeful businesses, meaningful relationships, how to create innovation predictably and other topics on our Contemplation podcast.


Our books lay down the fundamental principles of Adios to achieve mental wellbeing by improving your clarity of thought and peace of mind and being able to find all your answers on your own without depending on anyone else for the rest of your life.

Oneness Quotient (OQ)

We have defined a measure for mental wellbeing - Oneness Quotient - that tells you how one you are with yourself and what proportion of the time you make decisions that make you more or less peaceful.